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2016 FOALS
Listed below is the 2016 foal crop for Haidas Lil Gun and 1 foal by Niftys Super Sonic.
If you follow Haseleu Quarter Horses facebook page, the foals are numbered# the same there, as they are here. You can see more early pictures of the foals on the facebook albums.
There is additional info of stallions on the stallion icon.
Click on Mares icon for pictures and pedigree of Dams. I am working on putting pics and pedigrees on of all mares.
     Foal #1  Sold/Texas
2016 sorrel splash white stud colt   
    Haidas Lil Gun X Jr Ali Bar
2016 Bay Filly
Haidas Lil gun X
Berry Purl Boon.
Bay Stud Colt   Sold/California
Haidas Lil Gun X Starleta Chic Olena

2016 SORREL FILLY   Sold/

Haidas Lil gun  X  Nifty Brandy

2016 Palomino Filly 
Brown eyes but carries the splash gene
Haidas Lil Gun x Thinkoutsidethebox.

Dun Stud Colt   
Haidas Lil Gun X My Cassies Honey
#7  SOLD
Dun splash white Stud Colt
Haidas Lil Gun X Niftys Ali
Palomino Splash White Stud Colt  Sold/Iowa
Haidas Lil Gun x Electroplated
#9     sold
Palomino Stud Colt
Haidas Lil Gun X Nifty Gaybar Barbie
Sorrel/white APHA filly  Sold/Colorado
Haidas Lil Gun X BHR Jingos Choice
Bay Stud Colt  sold
Haidas Lil Gun X Nifty American Girl
Sorrel/white APHA filly   Sold/Nevada
Haidas Lil Gun X BHR Jingos Belle
Sorrel splash white filly
Haidas Lil Gun X Jumpn Mermaid
Palomino Filly/ not for sale
Niftys Super Sonic X Colonels Majorett.

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